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Got followed by random lady and called the cops. What happens next?

I was going for a walk today when lady started following me And video taping me and accusing me of things even though I didn’t know her and was even wanting my personal information and tried following me all the way home. I had enough after she followed me for a block and called the cops and they informed me after arriving that they get calls about her all the time doing things like that for her harassing people and that it’s normal because she’s a super paranoid person with dimensia. They told me that they talked to her and was wondering what would happen next such as if they would have her committed or if she would get a ticket or if they just talk to her and remind her that it’s not ok to do those kinds of things. 

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    Likely nothing at all...... "they hear it all the time"... will mean they assume she is harmless, just annoying

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