I applied for unemployment and my green card is expired will it affect it if I don't renew it now? Will it affect eidl and ppp loans too?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    All legal permanent residents must carry their currently valid green card on their person at all times. Penalties apply for failure to do so. You needed to apply for your new GC at least 6 months before it expired. Yes, your lack of a currently valid GC can affect getting hired for a new job, therefore qualifying for unemployment (you must be qualified & actively seeking full-time work, but nobody can hire you right now). And a lot more.

    BTW, the contract with the contractor company which produced green cards for the govt expired in June, which is now delaying issuance of new GCs. You have very serious problems, but you MUST apply for your new GC urgently! Your fault. You failed to apply for your new GC timely.

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