Is religion part of the freemasons agenda to divide us? ?

I know that some if not majority of people don’t believe in the Illuminati and I am a Christian but with everything going on lately i’m not sure what to believe anymore, i’m not saying that I don’t believe in a higher power anymore but i’m starting to have doubts that the Holy Bible or any religious book for that matter is reliable, I read a comment on a recent post and I can’t remember if it was on a video I came across on YouTube or a post on Facebook that the same people who gave us the Bible are also the people planning out the agenda to depopulate and divide us. I hope that’s not true and if it is then basically every religious book is a lie including the Holy Bible. I am afraid to ask anyone in my church community about this because they will all probably think I am crazy and even my friends and family who are atheist would think that too if they knew I believe in a secret society trying to divide us and kill us off. Are we being brainwashed? Or is this the “sheep in wolves clothing” that the Bible warned us about?  Believe it or not I question everything, even religion. I don’t trust anyone, especially the government and the Freemasons. Whether you believe it or not Freemasonry is very real, do your research. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Fair enough . So how do you think the illuminati or free masons started ?

     Did they send out fliers and take drivers licenses numbers and do a credit check .

     Was their a Christening like a boat . 

    Nope .

     What happened is these groups got noticed as groups and that is how they were named . It's not demons or ALF's conspiring on a time line .

     If the world looks like it's about to end  , well that's because it always is .

  • 2 months ago

    1. All Freemasons are christers - there are no atheist, Buddhist or mooslim Freemasons.

    2. There is NO verifiable evidence for any sorta god critter.

    3. There is absolutely NO logic that supports a god UNLESS you employ oodles of Special Pleading.

    That is .. eEverything MUST obey ALL the Laws of Physics EXCEPT bibel-god

    BECAUSE if bibel-god had to obey all the Laws of Physics .. bibel-god just could NOT exist.


  • 2 months ago

    If none of your family believe in gods, devils, heaven, hell or crazy Illuminati conspiracy theories..and you're the odd one out...that must be telling you something..perhaps a little too much gullibility and insufficient skepticism on your part...?

  • 2 months ago

    No. Religions (religions of God) are all what stands in the face of freemasonry and other religions of the Devil 

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