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Is it normal for a father to tell his 37 year old son not to speak to his Mom's sister due to a family feud?

Or is he being controlling and manipulative?

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  • L
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    3 months ago

    NO.  Your ADULT son can speak to whom ever he wants.

  • Lili
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    3 months ago

    Parents may try to do that -- it's not all that unusual -- but obviously the son doesn't have to comply.

    Parents often have trouble seeing their kids as adults no matter how they are, and so they may behave as though they are still "in charge".  And they demand loyalty from their kids, too.  If the kids doesn't comply, they may feel disrespected.

    It's childish behavior in a parent but by no means all that uncommon.

  • 3 months ago

    At 37, this man is certainly a grown adult.

    Therefore, he can decide what he chooses to do for  himself (and his father should know this by now).

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