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Keto diet pills scam or am I wrong?

I  gave my debit card information to some site that contacted me via text message over and over.  I tried responding STOP and UNSUBSCRIBE but they continue sending the messages.  Everytime they sent me a link to a site to purchase diet pills then finally I ordered some for the cost of shipping only.  When I entered my card information it said it would send a confirmation email but I didn't get it so I think I've been scammed because I did a search after the fact and read others have been scammed before like this.

I will post an update if it actually shows up in the mail.


The pills came in the mail so that part wasn't a scam.  No I have to see if I lose any weight.  I will update if I do.

Update 2:

Now I have to wait and see...

Update 3:

I haven't lost any weight taking those pills almost two weeks I felt no difference so I decided to just stick to my vitamins.  Also they sent the pills for cost of shipping only last month 14.76.  Now this month I got an unexpected charge on my card from keto for 118$ I didn't even know until my bank called me to say they are sending me a new card because there was fraudulent activity on my account.  I wasn't ask to have ongoing business with them so this is fraud.

Update 4:

My bank got me a refund as you can guess I didn't call my bank like everyone advised on time I won't be so foolish.

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    Please call your credit card company and ask them to stop payment, cancel your card, and issue you a new card. You probably did get scammed and the sooner you turn off this card and account the better.  

    Next, get a tutorial on how to block and delete messages on your phone.  NEVER EVER, EVER respond to an offer from a company you don't know or a number you don't recognize.  EVER.  Delete those messages and block numbers if some number continues to contact you.As an aside, any "keto diet pill" is a scam because you can't get into ketosis by taking a pill if you are eating carbs.  There are no magic diet pills that will melt fat.  Getting to and keeping a healthy weight takes making permanent lifestyle changes to your diet. 

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    ugh please stop. call your credit card company RIGHT NOW. and never do this again. do not just give your card information to someone who contacted you over text message... what the hell is that?

    also, keto diet pills? keto is not in a pill. keto is a choice of food, low carb, etc.... nothing a pill can do

  • Go to the site and unsubscribe also block them. Or email them and tell them you've never received a confirmation email for an order you placed. 

    You may also want to get another debit card, report your current card as lost or stolen. That way no further charges should occur on your bank account. 

    I would never give my banking information out like that, until I checked out the web site. 

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    Have you never learned how to block unwanted numbers from calling or texting you?

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    Wrong category. But I'm sorry this happened.


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