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5 year old devil child?

I’m 13 years old and My 5 year old little Cousin is a devil child. He has behavioral problems (he goes to therapy) and gets physical toward his little sister (2 yrs) and the dog (6 months) if I tell him to stop he says don’t say that then i firmly tell him what he did was wrong. He doesn’t listen and just says I’m mean. He does horrible things and hides my stuff, and acts like he’s the boss. He is rude and annoying and he abuses my friend and calls him mean because my friend does something back, which is never greater value. He screams bloody murder and cries when he doesn’t get his way. What do I do? He’s a total brat and nothing like a normal 5 year old. He responds to nothing except confiscated kindle and it works like 2% of the time.


I don’t let him get to me if he tries I just laugh 😂 its The best comeback. Also he does all this to his mom or anyone he doesn’t care. Also I try to protect the dog and his sister and when I do he gets pissed but whatever that’s his own problem. I hope he can become a functioning member of society...

Update 2:

LizB what a boss answer. I love it! He tries to start arguments and when he starts one with me I end it and say “I’m not wasting my time arguing with a little kid” he says he’s pretty big and he is y’all but I mean little as in mental age. He doesn’t know it now, but 5 is 7 years away from 12, the last age considered to be a kid in the US. He is a little kid

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    Protect your little sister and the dog from him if you have to, but otherwise don't let what a 5 year old says get to you. So what if he says you're mean when you remind him of the rules or go involve an adult? He's 5, he can pout and complain as much as he wants, but the rules exist for a reason and he doesn't have to like it.

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    here is the think...children will always fear adults you just have to pretend to him them...or actually hit them one time and the rest can be fear

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