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Is it easy to get accepted into IAB (Institute of the arts Barcelona) as a dancer?

I have plenty of experience in ballet and contemporary/modern as well as jazz, but I read on their website that on the day of the audition we have to dance commercial which I have never taken before. Also, I am extremely nervous about the interview process, which they have said that is is very informal but I am scared that my anxiety will take over and that it will be awkward. It is my dream college and I really hope I will get accepted. 

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    Commercial dance is closest to jazz but with a bit of street or hip hop into the mix. As there is no real technique training that is required that you haven’t already trained in, it is just a matter of choreography. You should be fine. It likely matters the least of all the dance genres as it is just different choreography. 

    Regarding the interview...Everyone is going to be nervous. The school knows that. The truth is you are either what they are looking for or you are not. As you can do nothing about that try to relax and enjoy the audition and interview. General audition tips. Watch your spacing at the barre, center and across the floor. Nothing looks worse than a dancer who cannot space themselves properly and is in other dancer’s way. Don’t talk during the audition (when on the dance floor) unless the teacher asks you something. Watch your posture in the studio when waiting your turn to dance, don’t slump. Don’t try to show off. If you do a clean double but an iffy triple, do the double. Dance as cleanly as possible. Arrive early to warm up and stretch. Dress appropriately. Warm up clothing is fine before the audition starts. No warm up clothing during the audition. They will ask you to remove them and that’s not a good way to draw attention to yourself. No jewelry and makeup to the bare minimum. No fancy leotards. Keep it professional looking. At the end of the audition thank the teachers and the accompanist. Don’t talk them up. A simple “thank you” and then go. That way you look professional and make the best impression. Have fun while dancing so your “joy of dance” shines through. Good luck!  

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    Oh gosh, yes. Easy as pie. Easy peasy. It's a well known fact that no-one who's ever applied has been refused. Yes, there's no doubt about it - you're in. Great, eh?!

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