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Greatest Tom Brady Moment In New England Patriots History?

In Honor Of Tom Brady's B-Day This 2020 (Ask Cu Tie) 

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    I would say his win in Super Bowl XXXVI, capping a season that started with the death of the team's QB coach and two losses...and the injury to star QB Drew Bledsoe that opened the door for an unknown, second year sixth-round draft pick with (I think) 3 or 4 NFL passes to his name.

    The Rams at the time were revolutionizing the NFL with their "video game" style offense and were the far "sexier" team compared to the mechanical, workman-like Pats.  Brady was seen as a "feel good" story but little more than that.  Had he lost, he very likely might have been a backup again the next season.

    There was still a boyish innocence to Brady's image at that time and I think much of America rallied around his "underdog makes good" season.  Considering the Pats would be soon become the "Evil Empire" and Belichick/Brady the NFL's Palpatine/Vader for years to come, I'd say that first win was Brady's greatest.

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    That time one of his idiotic brain-damaged teammates told him to kneel during the national anthem and Brady told the guy to eff off and then beat him senseless.  

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    Super Bowl 51: Tom Brady led New England’s game-winning drive in overtime, which might have just seemed like any old game-winning overtime drive. But the Patriots only had the opportunity to play in overtime because Brady led them back from an incredible 25-point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons. We all know the story from there: Patriots win the overtime coin toss, Brady takes them down the field, and James White runs it in for the win. Patriots 34, Falcons 28.

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