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What If Trump refuses to accept a Biden victory? and will/would he disrupt the transition process?

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    Do you not know the people who voted for President Trump in 2016, will vote for him again and President Trump has won over some democrats and independents.  Americans will not vote against law and order.  We have a Law & Order President.  Look at your Democrat run cities and take a good look at them. I have seen both a black man and a white man & wife pull guns to protect their homes against democratic violence walking the streets.  The black man told them, "Get off my porch and I don't care what you say you are here for."  The White couple w/guns were inside a neighborhood security gate that the protesters broke down the gate and entered into their neighborhood.  Both sets of protesters are lucky these people weren't scared enough to shoot them.  Our great Police Depts. cannot take care of us all.  We have a right to defend our property and defend our family.  The protesters that I have seen on TV are not, not peaceful.

  • Sam
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    2 months ago

    The fact that people wonder if Trump will refuse the transition, doesn't say much good for Donald Trump.  

    It says that there are a lot of people who think Trump wants to be a autocratic dictator..  His own words and actions lead people to rightfully believe that possibility.  Trump admires tyrannical dictators like Jung-un and autocrats like Putin, he has said so himself.  

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    If a senile man gets elected as President, we have bigger problems facing this country.

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    Even though the lifts-wearing (5'10" pretending to be taller) morbidly obese narcissistic sociopath Trump might throw a toddler-level tantrum about losing, he is just one person who can be "escorted" from the White House by an array of armed officials sworn to uphold the constitution.  This escorting can take multiple forms, not the least of which is in handcuffs.  There's no glue on this ugly reptilian guy's shoes, so one way or another he'll be given the heave-ho.  

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    Look,  a president is elected for a FOUR YEAR TERM.   It ends at noon on Jan 20th the year after the election.   There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that says you can extend your term in the event of ANYTHING.   So even if the election turns out to  be a fricking disaster Trump is still out of there.    It will be up to the newly elected House and Senate to fix the mess,  not the outgoing president.  

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    No other than some unresolved voting irregularity, no. Dems would do exactly the same thing.

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    When George W. Bush was transitioning to the Presidency, the outgoing Clinton whitehouse staff removed all of the "W" keys from all of the computer keyboards in the whitehouse. 

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    2 months ago

    He will need a few armored divisions if he refuses to leave the white house

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    Like Hillary? It depends on the reason and if it is valid.

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