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What bra size should I get? ?

Ok, don’t judge me but u always wore sports bra and now I’m trying to switch it up. 

I took my measurements and bought a bra recently .

I bought it at Adoreme so I follow the instructions, my under bust is 29 inches. And my breast are 32 inches. 

So according to it, I’m a 32 A.

I was buying this bra and on the comments people were saying that to run small so I bought a 32 B .

Now that I try it on, the bands are a little tight (leaves some red marks) but the cups aren’t fill. 

I was looking up online and people are suggesting 32 C or a 34 A? Which I’m not sure, because if the cups aren’t fill on a 32 B then what do I buy? 

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    If the band is tight you need a larger band. If the cups are big you get smaller cups. 34A should fit. The 32 band will still be tight and C cups will be even emptier. The 34 band will not leave marks and the the smaller cups will be full. And this is why it's better to try bras on in person even after being measured and measuring is inexact unless you try things on. 

    I'm doing some background research for a magazine article about bras and size discrepancies and problems.  I went to three bra stores and tried three online measurement sites. I got everything from 32DDD to 38A. The most accurate turned out to be LaSenza and La Vie En Rose  where I got the bras in the two sizes that fit the best: 36B at LaSenza and 34C at LaVie. To check the math  in a manner of speaking I tried one more store -Nordstroms -where I had an appointment with a real expert. The woman there took over an hour with me to measure,. described what was going on with other stores and why it's important to try before buying. 

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    Next time, don't measure yourself too tightly. I suggest you have someone else measure you, as it's usually more accurate.    Ask a friend for help, or ask a friendly salesclerk in a lingerie store to help you.   If a 32 band is too tight, buy a 33 (if available) or a 34. If the cups are too large, buy smaller. I suggest you shop in a local store until you are more comfortable with internet purchasing problems.

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