Would this be considered an O-glycoside?

I'm trying to understand the idea of a glycoside and I wanna know if this (in the picture) is an O-glycoside?

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  • 2 months ago

    A glycoside is a compound in which a sugar is linked with a glycosidic bond through its anomeric carbon to a non-sugar molecule. In your picture, the two parts are both monosaccharides, so the resulting compound is a disaccharide. In an O-glycoside, a sugar is attached through a glycosidic bond to an oxygen atom in the other molecule. 

    So for example, in many glycoproteins (proteins which carbohydrates linked to them), the sugars are linked to the hydroxyl group of a threonine residue.The molecule below is also an O-glycoside because a monosaccharide is linked to another molecule through a glycosidic bond.

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