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How would you approach this situation/What’s your opinion?

I bought a small lizard and spent $150 on supplies for it and told my step-sons that they were free to take it home to their moms house every other weekend, so long as their mom was okay with it.

  Since then, the lizard has now been at their house for three weeks and their mom has since bought it a new cage, changed it’s diet and habitat. She sent the boys back to me with all of its old stuff.

 The boys have also come back on numerous occasions, telling me that their mom made it clear that I didn’t know what I was doing, which is why she did it.

To note, I’ve been raising various reptiles for 15 years and while I don’t mind the opinion of others, I felt it was wrong for her to change everything up without first consulting me, the owner, and then bashing me for what I had done.

 In order to avoid conflict with her and to simply resolve my own frustrations with it, I offered that she simply take the reptile. She declined.

For me, this would be like if someone borrowed my car and changed the color of it, without asking.

What do you think of this situation and what would you do?

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    I think that any plan based on "This animal lives at your house, but belongs to ME" is doomed to failure. You're in control of the animals living at your home and your co-parent is in control of any animals living at her home. 

    Tell your co-parent that you now realize you should have made a gift of the animal, not tried to retain ownership, that you now see this was a bad plan and are sorry you didn't it through better. Ask her to please accept the animal as a gift. 

    If she doesn't want it, she can send it back to you. If she doesn't sent it back to you, get a lizard for you and your step-sons to enjoy but keep it in your own home. 

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    Cloths comes to mind, it is how it often works with cloths in these situations.  Same petty BS using the kids as some sort of leverage/excuse to bash the other one.

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    Some people just want to control or offend others? 

    I use to have a snake and a lizard, I had caught. Kept them in a tank.   How close are the wires on these two cages? 

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