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What is the right statement about exercising and why? ?

A. exercise doesn't need many type of workouts b.strength training is enough to keep your heart healthy c. cardio alone is enough d. cardio has to be combined with strength training

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    Doing some research of your own, would provide you with the answer. ☺ The users aren't here to answer your homework or test questions for you.

    Option A doesn't make sense really. 

    Option B may be true.

    Option C may be true.

    Option D may be true.


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    There are various schools of thought that are all valid enough as far as science is concerned. Remember, it is was 100% certifiably true at some point that giraffes have long necks because they stretch harder to reach and blacks were still apes, not human. Science is a very well thought out "*shrugs, I guess..." not one of 317 one true gods.

    That said, your mode of exercise is dependent on your goals. adding 30lb of muscle to your shoulders would be bad news for a long distance runner and some guys who only bench press to get big can't run 15 ft without getting winded. There's definitely a balance that needs to be reached.

    If we're talking about a busted old guy who suddenly realized at 60 he's becoming a busted old guy I would recommend he do just that, a combination of resistance, light cardio which can include weights such as circuit training, and stretching and body awareness work like yoga.

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