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Do I need septoplasty or septorhinoplasty? ?

I broke my nose in February most likely in the shower. Loads of mucus came out but no blood or Bruising. I didn't go doctors until my breathing got bad, so I went a and e recently, straight away said it's broken and reffered me to ent. My septum has been pushed all the way to the side of my nose so I can't breathe through that nose. When I breathe in deeply, nostrils go in. When I straighten my septum with my fingers, I still struggle to breathe, the septum under my bone pyramid is bent aswell, it's like my whole pyramid has gone to one side. I can't go to sleep at night, I stay awake for like 3 hours. I get constant headaches at the front of my head. Sometimes get nose bleeds. And, I can't even put my finger up my nostril because my septum is so bent. I can't straighten the whole of my septum because some of it is under the bone. What would the NHS do? 

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