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Is a 22 inch waist small enough ?

People keep saying I need a smaller waist 


Thanks anon, I mean I would totally but being at just 78 lbs right now , I think it would be very dangerous for me to lose weight I am of a very small frame so look just borderline at this weight (skinny but not all skin and bones just yet) so I wouldn’t want to hurt myself for that.

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    personally im thin and I think 21-23 inch waist looks perfect. I usually hover around 23in year around and go down to 22 when bikini season rolls around. to be honest 21inch probably would look better on me but no matter how much I starve myself I cant get my waist to shrink past like 21.5in so ive settled at 22in being the smallest I can go and it looks good I think. your 22inch waist is of course small but if dieting lets your waist go smaller and you want to do it, then more power to you. another thing is to keep your boobs big and your butt big so your waist looks smaller in comparison. but 22in is still a thin waist so unless you're able to fast to maintain something smaller id suggest sticking with where you're at

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