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Who’s responsible if an apartment floods while a tenant is out of town?

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    If the tenant went away for more than two weeks, a pipe bursts but they didn't switch off the water at the mains it's the tenant's fault I'd say, same if they just left a tap on. If they went out for a short time and a pipe bursts then the landlord should fix it. If the flood happened naturally then again, the landlord. Insurance doesn't cover acts of God but that's the cost of business.

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    What caused the flood....water pipes/plumbing breaking or leaking, water from above (from another tenants unit, from rainfall?), or water from below (rising brooks, streams, rivers or oceans?)?? 

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    That depends on what caused the flood.

    For example, if a pipe broke, it's on the landlord.  If the tenant left the water on or the toilet running it's on the tenant.

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    Whoever caused the flood.......... water left on running then tenant,  broken pipe then landlords maintenance issue

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    It depends on why it happened. If it was the tenant's fault, then the tenant is responsible for damages, cleanup and repair. If it was the landlord's fault, then the landlord is responsible. If it was NO ONE's fault, then the landlord will have to make repairs, and the tenant may have to share in the costs. 

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    God ... or the weatherman. 

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    It could either be a tenant, nobody, or whoever manages the building you are living in, and since you didn't bother providing more details then you are going to have to figure out on your own.

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    Whoever caused the flood.  If it was an upstairs tenant who failed to turn off the bathtub, for example, then that tenant is responsible.  When the tenant below returns and finds her place flooded, she may have to sue the upstairs tenant.

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    depends on cause of flood, if tenant was negligent, then its not tenants fault simply because they were away for a couple weeks without shutting off the one does that..

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    it would depend on the reason for the flooding.

    if the tenant left the faucet on = the tenant

    it it's due to weather = mother nature

    if it's a broken pipe or something = no one is "responsible", it just happened. 

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