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Are public spaces more crowded now than they were way back then?

Due to the fact that there is a larger US population today. What would a public venue or public event have been like in 1885 compared to today - in terms of attendance , crowd etc?

Take a popular place like Los Angeles California. On any given afternoon  in let's say  year 1920 would there have been way fewer people out and about walking around downtown?

Would there have been fewer students in classrooms?

Fewer people at a major public venue ? Such as a sporting event , a festival , fair etc.

Compared to today ?

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    How large was a theater or a stadium in 1885 or 1920 compared with those of today?  How many events were staged each year? What were the attendance figures at those events, compared to the population of the city and the accessibility to the venue from outlying areas?

    How many competing attractions were there in the city in 1885, 1920 and today?  How accessible were they? (Price to income, distance and condition of roads, public transport or private vehicles)

    What were seasonal conditions? Los Angeles does not expect snow. New York expects a lot of snow. How many New Yorkers went walking in Central Park on the weekend after a snowfall?  How many Angelinos walked in their largest park on a hot sunny day?

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    There are many more "public spaces".

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