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How did America lose the Vietnam war?

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    Well it started with...we were fighting for the wrong side.  True the other side were communists but they were fighting to reunify Vietnam after we, the US, reneged on an agreement to allow the North and South to vote on reunification after the French pulled out.

    Gen. Westmoreland was also fighting WWII all over again, like he learned at West Point.  So when Americans lost a battle, his answer was to commit more Americans into the war.  

    So America kept losing more and more military personnel but still they lost the battles because WWII tactics and strategies didn't work for the guerrilla jungle war in VN.  And POTUS Nixon, who didn't "...want to be the first American President to lose a war..." kept going along with Westmoreland's bad advice. [See source.]

    Source(s): The Pentagon Papers, a collection of thoughts written by Sec'y of Defense McNamara during the war, and leaked to the public by Daniel Elsworth. Robt. McNamara wrote the papers to chronicle how we got into the VN war and the mistakes the US made. He wanted others later to not make the same mistakes. [Vietnam, a TV series by Ken Burns]
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    Lack of support for the Troops from Congress lack of Training the Conscripts did not want to be there

    and they were not there to win

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