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In World War II were there Nazi spies in the United States and if so how did they live among the population?

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    Yes, there's a good movie based on true events made right after the end of WW2 about Nazi spies living in New York City called The House on 92nd Street. Some people that became spies for the Nazis had been living in the US for many years before the start of WW2.

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    Yes there were Nazi spies in the US as there were US spies in Germany. What would make them stand out from the general population? They did not walk around in Nazi uniforms. Some were Americans that believed in Nazism (see the German American Bund, they had 25000 members). Some were Germans that had lived in the US for years but felt a loyalty Germany and a few were Germans sent to the US to spy.

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     Well spoken English high society.

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