what kind of crystals, fragrences and metals are sacred to the greek goddess maia?

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  • 2 months ago

    I didn't ask about whether or not she's real. fictional characters still have their own personality, favorite thing and hobbies if i asked what SpongeBob's favorite hobby the answer would be jelly fishing not "he cant have a favorite because she's fictional and just because you don't believe she is real doesn't mean she's fake

    im asking for my mythology homework and obviously anything and everything would not be the correct answer

  • 2 months ago

    1. "Fragrances".

    2. The Greek goddess Maia does not actually exist, she's part of Greek mythology.

    3. Given #2 above, any kinds of crystals, fragrances or metals you personally like and have available would be just as sacred to any non-existent being as any other kinds, right? So just use what you want. It's all fantasy anyway.

    So then if it's for your mythology homework, Mark, why haven't you done the reading and found out the answers yourself? And why didn't you post this in 'homework help' if you can't manage that?

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