I always wake up at midday and skip breakfast? It's just my routine, but millions of others do the same right?

Apparently the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is just a myth? I don't even like most breakfast foods anyway, and I don't want what I eat in the rest of the day to be too same-y (in other words I know you need a variety, I do eat a lot of different balanced things but you know what I mean), and I don't wanna put on weight either. It's never caused me any health problems, but lately I've been worried others do the same? I can't be alone, right?


I think I always find having breakfast always somehow makes me hungrier later on in the day. I literally can't even remember if I ate it in the mornings before I went to school and college lol, I'm sure I did and just can't remember cos I haven't done it for so long now.

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    2 months ago

    Yes, plenty of people choose not to eat their first meal shortly after they wake up, however if you skip that meal and eat several hours later, that later meal is still your 'breakfast' (the meal you had to break your fast). It also doesn't matter what you choose to eat for "breakfast". There is no rule that says one should only eat cereal or eggs/bacon for their morning meal or first meal of the day. 


    Eating "breakfast" before going to school or work tends to have positive effects for many people, so not it's not a 'myth' that traditional breakfast is important. It's not equally important for everyone, and even if it would benefit you personally to eat shortly after waking, it doesn't mean that it's harmful if you don't.


    LOTS of people eat fewer or more than 3 meals a day. The key is getting in the nutrition your body needs, and enough calories to provide the energy your body needs. If you do that in 2 meals or 10 small meals, it doesn't matter. 

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    Breakfast is the first meal you have each day no matter what time you have it or what foods you eat.

    It literally comes from the words break the fast and refers to the fact we don't eat (i.e. we fast) while sleeping.

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    2 months ago

    well i never eat breakfast or lunch as i eat once a day and have cereal as a snack before i go too bed

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    2 months ago

    yeah breakfast being important was a myth perpetuated by cereal companies

    i haven’t eaten breakfast in 5 years because i try to eat as less as possible so i can keep my body small and fit all my clothes lol

    but regardless of wanting to lose weight i think breakfast is a personal choice

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