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PCOS and got pregnant on my own?

I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and I recently had an unplanned pregnancy? I was always told by my doctor that I would need some extra help with medication to conceive with what I have. But I just recently found out I’m expecting. Can it be possible to still conceive on your own? Am I more prone to miscarriages? We haven’t even tried to have a baby yet and now here we are. We are very excited though.

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    Women with PCOS get pregnant naturally all the time. Being told "you may have trouble getting pregnant" does NOT mean "you can't get pregnant." PCOS is a condition known to affect fertility, and often causes infertility, but being infertile doesn't mean you're sterile. As long as you have ovaries producing eggs and a fertilized egg can manage to get inside your uterus, then pregnancy is possible.

    That said, women with PCOS are more vulnerable to miscarriage, but hormone support in early pregnancy may reduce the risk. Please ask your OB to refer you to a MFM specialist who is well-versed in working with PCOS patients. Your hormone levels may be totally fine without supplemental medication, but never hesitate to ask for an expert opinion when it comes to your health.

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    Obviously its possible, you just told us it happened 

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