Planet rotation around the sun was an accident, byproduct, or, left over momentum, from the pull to the Goldilocks zone?

The main thing an entire civilization would need to do to jump start life is move a planet closer to the heat source "sun"...... add mass slowly to bring that planet closer to the sun........ The civilization that gave mankind a jump start billions of years ago, surly added mass to all the planets...... Like a farmer planting a seed, some of them planet/seeds never grew and got way to close to the sun with way to much mass......... Now how would this civilization move an entire planet, that would be purified uranium constantly gaining mass "weight form the universe".........

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    2 months ago
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    Via the conservation of angular momentum. Skip the bit about the Goldilocks zone. It's entirely irrelevant. Also skip the bit about some civilization engineering the Solar System because it's stupid. As a matter of fact, skip the entire bit about thinking things out for yourself and ask someone knowledgeable to explain it to you.

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    That is one terribly unpalatable wordsalad there.

    No offense, but I suggest you get yourself a couple of old astronomy textbooks, from about the middle of last century before all the nonsense crept into astronomy, and read through them carefully to gain an understanding of the basic concepts of astronomy. The books will provide observational evidence that underpins all the concepts of astronomy. Take your time. Do the problems at the end of each chapter. The fundamental concepts haven't changed in almost a century, so old books will be an excellent source of information, and they will be cheap and readily available.

    When you have a thorough understanding of the subject, you can rethink whatever it is that you are trying to ask, which is unfortunately very difficult to work out due to all the clashing and grinding jargon you used.

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