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My mother is still bitter about her childhood ?

I am on the edge of this and it is slowly killing me. My mom has got to be the most bitter individual person in the planet she had a rough past her parents abused her her brother would slap her belittle her and yell at her her sister would call her a stupid ugly ***** and laughed about her with her friends she would walk by and slap her behind the head for fun my mother left home at 18 years old and she is happily married to my dad for 47 years but she is still bitter about her childhood she still acts if her childhood was yesterday her brother and sister and father died her mother is the only person in her family alive she used to create scenes whenever her family was around she also bad mouths her family around me my dad and my sister saying that they are horrible people no they abused her not my sister and I by telling them they are abusive towards my sister and I (not true) my grandfather uncle and aunt from my mothers side are dead and my mom didn’t even attend the funeral my sister and I cut off contact with our mom a few years ago and I didn’t even invite my maternal grandmother to my wedding because I was afraid about the drama and I have 2 kids that my mother has never met my sister was getting married and my mom told her that her grandmother wasn’t invited to the wedding but my sister invited her anyway and it was ridiculous she started throwing things and name calling my sister got so pissed and told her that she ruined her day and said 


Continue: “YOU KNOW WHY YOUR PARENTS NEVER LOVED YOU AND TREATED YOU LIKE A SCAPEGOAT BECAUSE YOU ARE A SELFISH EVIL ***** GET OVER YOURSELF” my sister cut of contact with her for good and moved  9000 miles away from her with her husband and I did to my dad is the only one by my moms side my sister now has two kids that my mother hasn’t met my dad tried to get my mom to get help but my mom told me that she is right and everyone else is stupid I suppose that she is a narcissist 

Update 2:

Continue: she drove all of her friends and the rest of her family away with her crap and she is still bitter 

What do you think about all of this 

Update 3:

I talked about this to my Mother in law last week and she told me that my mother needs to grow up and move on and she is a bad influence on me and I made the right choice 

Update 4:

My sister and I haven’t spoken to our mother in 5 years because of her crap we both live 9000 miles away from her and we both have families of our own and our mother is not allowed to meet them 

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    Yes her family was horrid to her, but she is also horrid to you by creating drama when seriously she is 47 and should have found a way to move on by now.  My husband had a bad childhood, much like you mother's, but he CHOSE to forgive his father for the sake of his child so that she could have grandparents (mine are dead).  Your mother made a CHOICE to be bitter, at this point counseling will probably not help her, she has chosen to be miserable instead of focusing on what she has which is a husband and kids. 

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    your mother is toxic....she needs professional help. Just stay away from her. If you are bothered by all of this, think about a therapist for yourself.

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    I side with your mother. Her family was horrible to her and she does not need to forgive them if it isn't in her heart to do so. Abusers do not have to be given second chances. She is happy they died and she has every right to that emotion. Making the scene was probably the closure she needed. We have no right to determine what is the wrong way to live or the correct way to live for another person. They decide that for themselves. 

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    They say that your upbringing is the thing you spend the rest of your life getting over!  This is especially true in your mom's case.  What she needs to understand is that she needs to take "severe ownership" of her life.  This means that she has to disregard the negative effects that others have had, take control of her life and operate in a way in which she is solely responsible for everything she accomplishes.  This is how she can improve her life.  Sitting around blaming others for her woes is a recipe for permanent failure.  It is a choice she has to make.

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    Still trolling the same old sh*t?!  You do like your run on sentences and redundant topics, don't you?  One thing you might want to note for the need to write better stories.  None of this is even remotely interesting nor believable.

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    What I think is that you are the same troll who says she wants to "force" her parents to love her.  You make up long dramatic stories and are now pretending to be the "daughter."  Reported.

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