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How many deaths have occured over the past century in the name of Atheism? Is it really over 100,000,000?

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    Yes, atheists aka communists are responsible for that many deaths, but the time period is a little over a century.

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    The claim that Atheism killed over 100,000,000 is False. Atheism , by itself, kills no one.

    Those regimes which are sited to support this claim had many other attributes besides being atheist, and provides absolutely no evidence that any deaths in those nations were due to atheism. 

    The Holocaust

    Leader: Hitler

    Deaths: Between 11 and 17 million people

    Unfortunately, this is a bad start for the religious, Hitler was a devout Catholic who drew on his religion as a justification for what became the Holocaust.   A final total of around 60 million dead due to Hitler.

    Hitler wrote:

    In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders.

    Rwanda Genocide

    Leader: Théodore Sindikubwabo

    Deaths: 500,000-1million

    Oops, another loser for the men of the cross. Theodore, who memorably told his fellow Hutus to "get working" (ie. kill more Tutsis), was not only a Catholic and backed by the powerful Rwandan Catholic church (left over from Belgium's christian-led occupation of the country), he claimed divine inspiration was behind the massacre, saying God would help the Hutus against the "enemy."

    Colonising of the Americas

    Leaders: Colombus, the European Monarchs, the easrly US presidents

    Deaths: Anywhere between 8.4 million and 100 million people (due to lack of records)

    Oh dear. Originally found and gutted by a man who cited God every time he opened his mouth , followed by a succession of very religious monarchs and religious types who jumped the boats to get away from Europe's restrictions on them, who deliberately introduced massive disease into the native population of an entire continent. Not looking good this. It's paralleled by similar events in Australia.

    Cromwell's Irish campaign

    Leader: Oliver Cromwell

    Casualties: 50,000

    He may have killed a king, but Old Ironsides was also a puritan who ordered or condoned the killing, torture and deportation of tens of thousands of Irish people.

    The Irish famine

    Leader: Lord John Russell

    Casualties: 4 million

    Good old CoE our John, this holds true incidentally for a number of different leaders of British atrocities, from Rhodesia to China and the Americas.


    Leaders: Nguyen Van Thieu (Catholic), Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon (Protestant, Quaker), Ho Chi Minh (Atheist)

    Casualties: approx 3.5 million

    WW1 all those leaders involved were religious, another 17 million dead there.

    The Crusades, French Wars of Religion, Hundred Years' War, Napoleonic Wars, Thirty Years' War, Muslim conquests in the Indian subcontinent, Reconquista, all wars resulting in millions of deaths.

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    Any deaths that might have occurred in the name of atheism doesn't prove that God exists so what's your point, you ignorant twit?


    Anonymous 1 and anonymous 3  down there, the two of you are so clueless that you're stupid.


    Anonymous 3, you moron, there were no Communists prior to the 20th century and there is only Cuba and North Korea after.

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    2,543,776,092,675,887,700.......or 1.....i can never remember.

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    None. Zip, nada, zero. No one ever killed another person in the name of 'I don't believe that crazy story'.

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    No deaths occured  over the past century in the name of atheism, you fυcking moron. As far as atrocities by tyrants, Mao is first, Hitler, not an atheist, is second, Stalin is third, Pol Pot is fourth. They all added up to 55,000,000.

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    If you include the dictators of ww2, it's closer to 200,000,000.

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