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Tasm asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 6 days ago

Is anyone seriously going to vote democrat? ?

Maybe some people are actively trying to ruin the country just for kicks. Other than that, why would we want a democrat in office during a time like this? They never get anything done. 

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  • Jas B
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    5 days ago

    America along with the rest of the world is likely facing a worldwide depression due to the pandemic, which the Republicans who are in power have let get out of control.  

    30% of Americans were unable to pay their rent or mortgage in June.

    30 million Americans have lost their jobs, with just 5 million jobs currently available.  Many more have seen their businesses destroyed.

    150.000 Americans have died, currently 1000+ are still dying every day.

    The GDP is lower than ever before in American history.

    America is more divided than it has been in many decades.

    The Republican president has alienated all of America's closest allies, while sucking up to dictators, who have played him for the fool he is.

    I would say that Republicans have actively already gone well on the road to ruining the country in the last four years, ignoring and enabling the actions of the most corrupt president in living memory.

    "Make America Great Again" was the promise 4 years ago, are you seriously trying to say that has happened in any way?

    This is why Americans of all groups and political affiliations will vote for Biden, many of them, including Democrats would have preferred if it was someone else but as one lifelong Republican said in video he would vote for a can of soup before voting for Trump.

  • 6 days ago

    Here's a partial Democratic list of achievements in the last 100 years: social security, 40 hour work week, end of child labor, winning WWII, medicare, family leave, obamacare, civil rights, womens rights, gay rights, alternative energy, environmental protection, consumer safety, clean water, NASA, child health insurance, ending the 2 worst recessions (started by Republicans), killing bin laden, wiping out 90% of ISIS, federal student loans, peace corps, americorps, workplace safefy rules

    What's the Republican list?

  • Trump hasn't got anything done either

  • 6 days ago

    🥴 If you want to vote for the "inject disinfectants" demon sperm guy, go ahead.

    Every Never Trumper, falls on the brainy side.

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  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    You people are getting sooooo desperate

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