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If Britain colonised Tibet back in former times, would it be independent today? ?

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No it means what it means. Can’t you read..

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    But Britain DIDN'T colonise Tibet. You really mean, "If Britain HAD COLONISED Tibet" ... 

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    No, but its people would actually understand freedom

  • 6 days ago

    Very likely - Yes.

  • Andrew
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    6 days ago

    Just give me a minute to run and get my crystal ball... Then you can cross my palm with silver and I'll give you the answer. 

    How could any of us possibly know what might have happened? 

    The best answer you can hope for is "Had the British once colonised Tibet, it's likely that there would have been more out of an outcry when the Chinese invaded, but extremely unlikely that the British would have actually gone toe to toe with China in Tibet's defense."

    Perhaps the world community would have put more pressure on China. Perhaps some countries would refuse to recognise Tibet as being part of China today. But overall, the outcome would be pretty much the same. 

    Just wait until the Chinese invade Taiwan and incorporate the island into the PRC. That ought to give you an idea of what might have happened. As if what's going on in Hong Kong isn't enough of a demonstration...

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