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My fiance's brother doesn't like me or anyone with his sister?

He lives next door and badmouths us and hot everyone in her family against us. He is such a stupid person. She said he does that with everyone she ever dated and I said I dont he wants you to be happy. Anyway he lives next door with his mom amd it's so aukward. I pay bills, and help out my fiance a lot when none of them do or care her place is a mess from her ex. 

I just am not used to family not being family. My mom does not like my fiance so it's like we just have each other that's it. We want to move but are poor 

Updated 6 days ago:

It's just, I've lived here for years and he still stares at me or drives by slowly staring if I'm outside. I want to beat his @as but hes a frail old man. His mom and family were fine with me until he started running his mouth acusing he of being a freeloader which is not true.

Hes a momma's boy. 

Updated 6 days ago:

I've been living here for years and he still makes me feel like an outsider and unwelcome. It's her property too not his. I usually ignore him but this time it made me real upset. 

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  • Pearl
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    5 days ago

    just stay away from him as much as possible

  • Maybe he's just cranky in general

  • Foofa
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    5 days ago

    Just know that marrying into a family that dislikes you is almost always the fast track to divorce. 

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