Why do I always meet depressed or troubled women ?

I am a man 37 years old and I always know women who want to be alone, who have had relationship problems

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  • David
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    2 months ago
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    Ok, it is easy to answer this one.  There are two type of women out there.  The ones who are just playing the field, and the ones looking for a life partner.  

    1)  The ones just playing the field are hooking up with guys in a similar mindset...the guys who are just playing the field.  This means both players are entering the relationship in the wrong state of mind.  And yes, those "relationships" are going to have serious PROBLEMS.

    2)  The ones looking for a life partner are the ones that are setting their standards way too high.  These are typically low-30s to mid-30s (sometimes very high 20s) women thinking that they are just as attractive as they were 10 years ago (no, they really are NOT).  But even if they were in their prime, say 21 and very hot...

    The guys that they are looking for are UNICORNS.  These guys simply do not exist.  If you ask a typical woman what she wants in a life partner (husband), and she answers honestly, it sounds like this...

    6'2" or taller

    7" or longer

    Doctor, or other professional who needs more than a Master's Degree

    High six figure income

    But only works at most 40 hours per week

    A 9 or 10 on the hotness scale


    Never been married, but desperate to marry FAST

    Does not have any children, but WANTS to have children

    Good with children

    Lives far away from his mother

    IQ above 140

    Humorous / wonderful personality

    Bonus points for looking like a greed god statue

    Works out at the gym regularly


    (Did I mention this is only a partial list of what girls are looking for?)

    Basically, the guy that all girls are looking for is a guy that only exists in the imagination...

    Girls are literally chasing unicorns!!!!

    After a while of chasing unicorns, women realize that they are having relationship problems because they are "settling" too much.  Read...my ex was a FANTASTIC guy, but he only earned $100,000 a year, so I had to dump him because I want my husband to earn at least $250,000 a year...

    So we had a serious relationship problem because he just didn't earn enough money to satisfy me.  Maybe now it's better to be alone and lonely and depressed, because there are no "GOOD" guys out there...

    I could go on and on.  Most women have met their perfect guy, but dismissed him instantly.  Because he's only 5'11 inches tall.  Or maybe he's an 8 in the looks department (NOT GOOD ENOUGH).  Or he only has a Master's Degree.  (what a BUM!!!!  He never finished his education?!?!?!?)

    You are meeting nothing but women who have relationship problems because the women are chasing unicorns.  ALL women are chasing unicorns, so the situation is hopeless... 

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    You're suppose to PRACTICE making them smile, so IN THE FUTURE, when your wife gets depressed you will be good at taking her out of it.

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    2 months ago

    Lol well i dont like my life

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