In my country before the Coup d etait ,the Petition was a historical Act for pleas not for" Divorce"?

Updated 6 days ago:

It looks you need Treat in USA to divorce and you introduce this pornographic conspiracy of masons worldwide not at all rights 

Updated 6 days ago:

The mariage is none of the bussiness of politival organisation and you must be lapidated .

Updated 6 days ago:

"You shall not have other Gods before me"

Updated 6 days ago:

God is not an obsceen theory ..perhaps the whole world became a failure as masons and popes are using brahma  gipsies to occupy governmebts around the world 

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  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    I know - I always protest the Brahma gipsies.  I have asked to be lapidated many times, but there are never any open appointments.

    I think there is radon in your basement.

  • Marli
    Lv 7
    5 days ago

    "Lapidate" : to pelt or kill with stones. (Merriam Webster, via Google)

    You won't disclose the name of your country and who overthrew its government.

    If you divorced from your spouse in the United States (or if your spouse divorced you) it must be done in an American court, using American divorce laws. Archaic laws of other nations are not United States law.

    In the Old Testament Mosaic law, a woman was stoned ("lapidated") in the presence of the elders (the religious and governing leaders) for committing  *adultery*, not for *divorce*.  A divorce was done by saying "I divorce you." three times, and sending the woman back to her father's family.

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