What do you think?  To move planets into a specific rotation, one entire civilization would need to launch nuclear reactors onto a planet?

This would increase the planet in weight over time as nuclear fusion is constantly magnetizing elements from space to add to its own mass, the planet would then roll closer to the sun or Goldilocks zone......... after billions of years of course?

That must have been how the last civilization in our solar system did it, when they helped earth get to the Goldilocks zone 1 billion years ago.... Giving life on earth a leg up or jump start

This Nuclear heat source launched into an ice patch on another planet would give trees a chance to spark life

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  • 6 days ago
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    none of your statement makes any sense at all.

    "move planets into a specific rotation" ?? meaningless

    "launch nuclear reactors" ?? also meaningless, why would you launch reactors?

    "magnetizing elements from space" ditto

  • 6 days ago

    Nuclear fusion DOES NOT magnetize anything. It DESTROYS magnetization by raising the temperatures above the Curie points. 

    Everything in your question is totally wrong scientifically and is total fiction and fantasy, a totally illogical nightmare. 

    Trees are already alive. They DO NOT create life. 

  • Comic books are very entertaining aren't they. I used to read "Metal Men","Mandrake the Magician", "Superman" and several others when I was about ten years old. 

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