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How can I force my parents to love me or else I will make my entire families life a living hell my husband says I can’t force my parents to ?

 love me. People are going to think that this is a troll question but it is not a troll question I need to get this off my chest. I was abused as a child I was treated like trash I was told that I could never do anything in my life I was reminded of this daily my brother would slap me belittle me and yell at me

 my parents favored my brother and sister over me I left home at 18 I am now married but I want my parents to love me now or else I will make my entire families life will be a living hell my husband told me this “you never got your parents love when you were younger you are never going to get it  and I need to accept it and move on” but I refuse to believe that I want to force them to love me my mil agrees with me she told me to leave my parents alone but I won’t I will never adjust in my life 

How can I force my parents to love me now!!! 


I also harass my parents for their love 

Update 2:

Does this also make me a spoiled brat 

Update 3:


Update 4:


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    I was sympathetic and about to offer some ideas until I got to your last update.  I don't give a flying shite whether you're a troll or not, but no healthy person screams at people GIVE ME MORE ANSWERS RIGHT NOW!!  Maybe you think you're cool, but this is just boring.  Why would anyone want to read toddler tantrums? 

  • g
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    1 week ago

    You can't force anyone to love you, and that's a fact.

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    This IS a troll!   She posts the exact same story over and over, which is a violation and should be reported. 

  • david
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    1 week ago

    If parents don't have the heart to love their own child, then it's unlikely that they will love their grown daughter as well.  I don't think you're doing yourself any favors giving them this much power.  Parents who neglect their children deserve as little power or regard as possible.

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  • 1 week ago

    No one can force anyone to love someone. 

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