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I work at Mcdonald's overnights 9-5. A guy I work with in the grill/table area harasses me almost every shift we have together. I've told the manager twice and the store owner saw his actions first hand yet they take his side because "I'm not listening to him".The last straw for me was last week when I was on back duty he went off on me about something but his accent is so thick I didnt understand what he was saying. So I ignored him which now I look back wasnt the best thing to do but anytime I talk to this guy he just gets more angry. I turned my back on him and resumed my work and he kept poking me (not the first time he's put his hands on me) and I turned around asking if I could help him very annoyingly. That made him mad. 

He kept screaming at me and I told the manager if I could leave early since I didnt feel like dealing with this. She told him to leave me alone multiple times and he wouldnt stop till I yelled back telling him to **** off basically. He left early. I requested a schedule change (to get days where he doesnt work) but no progress. Called the store yesterday saying I was quitting so the manager who hired me told me to come today at 9AM and I did. I go there she hasnt arrived yet. 

The store owner decides to speak to me and I explain to her my frustration about dealing with this guys harassment for a month. She blames me again for not "listening" and offers me to talk to him my next shift. Should I just quit? 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I was getting harassed when I worked at McDonald's too and the management was completely incompetent. It didn't stop. I would definitely quit, they don't even deserve your labor at this point.

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