Trellis diagram logical question?

how do you draw trellis diagram with a given free distance? 

Say, d_free=5; how will a trellis diagram be designed...

I can do hit and trial, but is there some predefined way?

I also didn't see any youtube videos, and pdfs regarding this matter.Context-:I have the following question that I am trying to solve since few days-:Q) Applying 1/2 rate, 4-state convolutional encoder correct errors of 2 bits with the help of its trellis diagram.What I have doneI have knowledge of the convolution encoder. I knew the relation between states and design of convolution encoder.I learnt state table.I learnt that to correct 2 bits errors, you need d_free=5.


What I know-:

No of errors that viterbi can detect=d_free-1

No. of errors that viterbi can correct=MOD(d_free-1)/2

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