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The Rosa Parks incident was staged so why do people find it hard to believe the BLM garbage is staged also?

Rosa Parks' biographer said: 

"It was completely a 100 percent staged event," Mr. Brinkley said. "There was nothing random about it."

I'm not saying George Floyd didn't die. He did die and the officer was at least partially responsible. But there's no proof that it was racially motivated and all of the protests and riots that came later are contrived astroturf events organized by Democrats for the sole purpose of making Trump look bad. 

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    The Rosa Parks incident was a premeditated act of deliberate defiance as the first move. It wasn't staged because no one knew for sure what would happen next. She's a hero for being brave enough to make the first move and your racist underwear is showing. Folks- This guy is on the "black lives don't matter to me" team w/ the racists. They consider the BLM protest behavior an uppity challenge to "whiteness".

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    Rosa Parks' arrest was not "staged".  You either didn't read the very article you link to or you are intentionally lying.  What Douglas Brinkley is talking about being "staged" is a famous photo of Rosa Parks riding the bus with a white man sitting  behind her.  But that photo was taken in December of 1956, over a year after Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on the bus.  There had already been a year long bus boycott the time the picture was taken.  And it was taken specifically to celebrate the ending of bus segregation in the federal court decision of Browder v Gayle. 

    Parks was genuinely arrested in December of 1955 for failing to give up her seat on the bus to a white person as required by law.  There was absolutely nothing staged about this.  Many of the popular tellings, however, obscure some of the political realities.  Parks is often portrayed as "seamstress" and she was, but she was also an officer of the local chapter of the NAACP.  And while Parks did not go out intending to cause a scene, the group had been looking for a while for a test case to challenge bus segregation.  Parks wasn't the first person to be busted for refusing to give up their seat.  But she made a highly sympathetic symbol because of her background: a middle aged, churchgoing, woman, steadily employed, happily married, and with no criminal record.  Local civil rights groups had passed on making a big to do about previous arrestees because they were deemed unsympathetic or not respectable enough: single mothers, angry young men, people with criminal records, etc. 

    As for George Floyd, I don't think it was racially motivated in the sense that you seem to mean.  I doubt those cops (one of whom IIRC was black and one of whom was Asian) went out looking to rough up, let alone kill, a black guy (although the head cop sounds like a real bad guy so maybe he did). But race almost certainly played a role in this.  We know from clinical studies that police officers are more likely to escalate to deadly force when interacting with a black suspect.  We also know that white people in general systematically overestimate the size and strength of black men while underestimating their ability to feel pain.  Why was this guy kneeling on George Floyd's neck for 9 minutes, or whatever it was, over allegedly passing some counterfeit money?  Because he operated from biases which caused him to not see the humanity in Floyd but to instead see someone incredibly dangerous who had to be subdued at all costs, even at the risk of his life.  As for the Democrats organizing these protests to hurt Trump, that's silly, narcissistic, and more than a little racist.  It suggests that black people don't have any initiative of their own, that they don't care about issues of justice in their community.  These were mostly organic, bottom up, protests that the Democrats were scrambling to get behind not causing to happen. 

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    The objective was to highlight the issue, which is exactly what it did. We know it wasn't random: strikes take organisation if they are to be successful. The protest changed the law in Montgomery and Parks knew that she risked lynching by taking a deliberate and calculated stand. By sitting.

  • Her part may have been staged but the reaction was not

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    this question was staged.  You are garbage

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    Well, it was staged only in the sense that it was a deliberate action on her part, as part of the larger civil-rights movement.  It wasn't just a tired lady not wanting to stand.

    But that doesn't make it any less heroic of her to have challenged the Democrats' racist laws.  She could have been more than simply arrested.  

    But that's what social disobedience means - confronting bad law by deliberately violating it and getting arrested.  

    BLM is more opportunist than that.  They mostly do not risk anything;  there is a herd of willing people ready to take all the risks while BLM reaps the rewards.  BLM doesn't really care about anything beyond political power.

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    More grievances from the long-ago time.

    This really is all that conservatism has to offer.

    We'll get right on it, con. Right after 12 more b.s. Benghazi investigations.

    You suckers just keep swallowing it all: Hook line and sinker. Truth is while the world is evolving, the conservative worldview isn't. You are relics. Conservatism is all about a refusal to accept reality as it is now.

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