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Is breaking reflective glass the same as breaking a mirror? Bad Luck?

So we broke a spherical Christmas ornament that’s isn’t even mirrored but it casts a reflection  it’s more of a reflective color tinted chrome glass and it shattered is that the same as breaking a wall mirror does that also mean bad luck or is that superstition only meant for wall and hand mirrors?

It’s like this one pictured below 

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  • 2 months ago

    Nope, not the same.  It's got to be a proper mirror, no exceptions.  Everyone knows that.

    Do you know what a superstition is?  It's something everyone knows is true, but not one person knows how they know it.

    The thing with the mirrors actually has a back-story.  It's not an explanation, but it does kind of explain the sacred status of mirrors.  When it was invented and first produced, glass was extremely expensive.  Mirrors were small panes of glass mounted on huge gold plated frames, and the gold wasn't the expensive part.  Only the wealthy could afford mirrors at the time, and they were traditionally passed from mother to daughter as wedding gifts.  This was back in the days when being from a certain family actually meant something, and family heirlooms were sacred stuff.  Breaking someone's mirror was like breaking their entire family history, so maybe it was deserving of bad luck.

    But notice how it only says seven years of bad luck, not any mention of exactly how bad.  Losing your car keys for a few minutes is bad luck, but so is having a random piano fall on you from 50 feet up.  Stepping in dog poop is bad luck, and so is getting terminal cancer.  Why don't these superstitions ever specify how bad the luck is?

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    superstition. that came from a time glass production was been very expensive - esp. mirrors.

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    2 months ago

    Yep, still bad luck - both ways are breaking bad, you know?

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