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Dirac asked in EnvironmentGlobal Warming · 2 months ago

How many active users are there in Global Warming?

By active I mean ones that ask or answer questions. On the denial side I see:

1. Clown Crusher (aka Horse, Zany Dog, The Yahoo Joker and many more)

2. Sagebrush (only one of him I believe)

3. Solar Wind (plus a few aliases)

4. Daro

5. Mike

6. JimZ

On the science-believing side:

1. David

2. Elizabeth

3. Dirac

4. Koshka

5. Oikos

6. skeptik

7. Another with varying names who has many accounts

8. oldprofessor

There are some that I don't know whether they're alternate accounts or separate people, like pasper2 and pearl. Any others I'm forgetting? I apologize if I've missed you, answer and remind me!


Oops, sorry capitalgentleman, I left you off the science-believing list!

Update 2:

Denier troll: I have a single account.  Just one.  Deal with it.

Update 3:

Anonymous: good call on Al P and Darwinist, I should have remembered them. graphicconception and Wilds_of_Virginia seem to have been driven out of here by the troll's actions--even though they're on the same "side".  It's too bad, they were probably the most science-literate people left on the denial side.

Update 4:

Clown Crusher--I don't "run" any other accounts. As I said above, there is someone (maybe Georgie) that has LOTS of accounts, but I don't. The two of you occupy most of the bandwidth of this forum.

Update 5:

David, I missed your proof, but it doesn't surprise me that the troll ignores it. I have told him he is welcome to email me (I've repeatedly given my email address) for further information about anything, but I guess he's scared to do that.

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  • David
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    2 months ago
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    Uh oh, top billing? I guess that means I'm spending too much time here again. 

    I notice Clown continues to insist I am you, even after I provided photographic evidence that he specifically requested to prove I'm a father as I said I was. Guess that didn't work out for him so he needs to just pretend it didn't happen. 

    Pearl is definitely a separate person by the way. She spends about 16 hours a day, every day, rapidly posting single-sentence answers to questions as they appear on the main unfiltered list, i.e. from any and every category, and just types the first words that come to mind and moves on. She has 1.3 million points which ranks her about 4th in the world overall. In other words just ignore her.

  • 2 months ago

    Guess who you missed? lol

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Almost all of the climate alarmist accounts are you.

  • 2 months ago

    You have overlooked "Anonymous" who writes many inflammatory and invalid questions but blocks anyone who he ( or she ) doesn't like.  A classic antiscience approach.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Thanks for putting me top dog on your list! 


    And for those who don't know, David, Koshka, AiP, Darwinist and  the troll (Dirac) are the same person. As is Cowboy, Ray, and many others.  The troll (Dirac) even answered 2x anonymously in his own question!

    Georgie and Dirac run 95% of the accounts here.  Georgie has many more because he has stolen accounts that CNN reported on 3 years ago.

    Georgie's current account is Barking Wolf Spider.  Here are some of Georgie's many user accounts, ALL posting is fake questions.  He also uses these accounts to multi-report questions, thus deleting them automatically. 

    Mouse Potato (banned account)    `   *** Gutters (banned)    Intelligent Farting (banned)   ` Crop Duster Cube Farmer (banned)   =   Abjihit (black hat account) `Bibbly Bimboton (banned) Gourry (sock puppet)    `   omniface (new account today) Rathead (sock puppet)  ` Willksy (sock puppet)  Monim (black hat account)    `  Mohd (sock puppet)  `  Fatboy Fat (sock puppet)    `    Crusty Juggler (sock puppet)  `  Assolini (banned)  Edward Hitler (banned) ` Broccoli Man (banned)  ` I luv your Mum (banned)   `   I like ur mom (banned)  Talking Bollox (banned)    Sting (banned)  Sitting Down (banned)     Richard Richard (changed user name)    Super Hans (banned )    Boris is a Johnson (banned)  Jocelyn J (fake girl)   Maddie (fake girl)   Dylan (fake high school account)   Abo (black hat account)  Christian Robinson (black hat account)   Summer (fake student)  Bridget (fake student)  AboAbu (black hat account)  `REAL (black hat account)  ` Ryan (sock puppet)   `Suri (sock puppet)   Pinky (black hat account)   Planet Earth (sock puppet)  Mr. Gammon (sock puppet)  ` Bindy Badji (sock puppet)  Anonymouse (sock puppet)   `  Macaw (black hat account)   ` Kimberly (sock puppet)  Etc, etc.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    To add to the list, on the "skeptics" side, Wilds of Virginia and Graphicconception, (respect to those two for speaking against the troll) they put in occasional appearances, as do Ai P and Darwinist on the science literate side.

    Haven't seen Chem Flunky for a while ...

  • Yes I. The Clown Crusher is probably 97% of users in this section, think he's making up for science that supports global warming

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    i don't come here often any more because of too many  anti science right wingers and the trolls posting non-related questions which have ruined this section/ category.

    "leftwing science" LOL.  Only a naive right winger would say such nonsense

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Another rant by the left wing science denying troll with a thousand accounts. I find it hard to believe you haven't been banned yet.

    You keep saying you have one account but NOBODY BELIEVES YOU.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There is one maybe two on the leftwing science denying side even though it looks like there is a dozen. The user that goes by the name Dirac has about fifty accounts. 

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