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Is this a valid reason to dislike Klitschko brothers?

Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko are known to be great, but I hate them because they are Ukrainian men. I don't like Ukrainian and Eastern European men because they are misogynists, abusive, alcoholic and beat their wives. I even enjoyed how Wladimir got his @ss kicked by Joshua. 

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    It's not a valid reason to dislike them because of their race and where they're from. You should go by their talent since they're professional boxers.

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    Black boxing fans are just mad that the Klitschko brothers dominated their mediocre black American fighters for over 10 years fight in and fight out.

    Also Joshua went life and death with an old, past prime Klitschko who had been out of the ring nearly 2 years. Nothing impressive there. Joshua got smashed by Ruiz and is going to get annihilated by Tyson Fury when Joshua decides to step up to the big dog.

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    No it isn't and you already know it so that's why you asked anonymously

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