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Can this be schizophrenia ?

Before you say “go to a doctor” I will be - I am just wondering what you might think it is or what it sounds like -

So I get voices in my head and visions in my head that are really scary sometimes . From what I have read - in schizophrenia the voices are loud and like an auditory hallucination but for me it is more just in my head - what happens a lot is stuff like - someone will be talking to me and an Uber voice will say :

“That person is lying - that person is lying !”


“That person is trying to hurt you”

And I will go in fight or flight mode and then panic - I have also had what they said was psychosis but again it was more like these looping thoughts and scary images in my head telling me things not auditory or visual hallucinations - it was in my head - not outside of myself but it did cause me to have catatonia 

Also the scary image is of a Shadow person with a hat like this one 🎩 and it makes me feel really really really really scared and I also thought this guy I was seeing was my past assaulter but it wasn’t him 

Also it feels like I am an inanimate sometimes like a doll - I also have a spinal injury from an accident (can still walk but have spinal fusion )

Sometimes I completely misread messages - and sometimes mishear people and also read wayyyyy too much into their faces like every little expression and anything that seems like they are upset or mad - I think they don’t like me or I did something wrong - I am 26- female -what do you think it is?


Inner voice *** not Uber voice - and the voice is usually my inner voice - sometimes not - the visions are the scariest - and looping disorganized thoughts 

But also sometimes the visions and the shadow person just feels more spiritual and a lot of trauma related and all the looping thoughts and stuff 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    That is not an ilness .that is the devil..

    There is some information even in books regarding psychology..e.g..i saw penises visiins and snakes pope priests english soldiers..lityle angels..

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    They should have made bussiness for themselves that s all .the functions of state Lenin was aprimary school teacher .

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    Actually the devil adresses in books of saints ..i met the devil also..he can be a double person even of a person who works for governmebt e.g..they are not saints .

    Some rays come out of eyes of a gipsy  priest who is probably involved in the coup d etait ...while taking the image of a radio dj where i was at an intetview for a poetry on air.

    ..this also perhaps was adouble image now after 20 years since looks he reseambled to my uncle .

    Years after devil came i fought against it while not knowing the clergy was occupied by masons gipsies ..

    And i became crazy actualy aith some cause from theology it is studied at Theolofy anyway probably on catholic and didactical middles and using some medieval or antick basis ...

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    Obe of the auestions being Mad and raped by madons with imperialist piwers during masonery and witg torture of coruptiins like Process of divorce while i didn t kboe the rapust was greek part and his lawyer was a mason was therefore wondering why..

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    I didn t adk the priests perhaps as they have an answer to everuthing while we are let to die of hinger and they do not have the right to occupy the job by marrying they should have presented how did God call them..the miracles...while the manuals of schools are of evolutions from.monkey and i saw mo keys as visions.. and they are implied in coup d etait to stral the property of state..

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    And i sawpeoplr turning into young and children of schoos after years..into old .

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    While it could happen that the priests are allowed to marry women from country...that s a crime.

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    Not only joan d ark should be checked.

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    But schizophreny is having this priest actually .

    I e.g have been sexually abused by step father there is no assertion ..and it isn t any counselor for cjildren..that this child is schozoprhrenic if it is abused. 

    And if it is so..that is enought !

    But i didn t see it s something hiden by Medici ne whose books are illegaly by being based on demonic disections from Popes and ..and anyway that should be anobject of an article of lae and for marital code..and i wasn t checked and i was declared married ..

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    Because devil talks to anyone ..

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    I supose hearing aloud voice is in usa where there are tornades ..meaning very sinful places..i think you should have an option for theocracy there are some royal members here that lice in usa probanly raped ..

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    And the heresy is at Court i didn t receive divorce not anulmebt ..and i sawPope as tree....i remembered abuses...and there is no code of s my project.

    The clergy is of false priests .if the code existed..the spies couldn t abuse the children..

    If there is a schizophrreny that i think that is..of an abused child .

    Well of course can also be caused by the fake clergy..they don t have the right to occupy posdisions during dictatorship ..they must demounce dayly the dictators and never was heard and 150O have been shot like hens by foreigners at genocide probably all gipsy ..with another etnicity ..or ours..actually american doctors developed genetics and must e judged for false 


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    2 months ago

    The love for oneself is one complete romance .

  • Zirp
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    2 months ago

    Yes it can, and maybe there are meds that could help you. Unfortunately, the only way to find out which ones work for you is by trying.

    I have reported Zane's answer because he has no way of knowing what meds you need.

    As to not telling anyone... believing that you are the only one will only make things worse. Schizophrenia typically  affects one in every hundred people, and the number of people hearing voices is even higher

  • 2 months ago

    I think if the audio hallucinations are interfering with your mental comfort that you seek medical diagnosis. I have had schizophrenia for 9 years now, and I can you that this is how it all starts.

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  • 2 months ago

    Without knowing what you have been getting into, I can't make that diagnosis. It is possible that you are being targeted by some clandestine government program. You may be receiving micro-dosing of lsd. You must have made the wrong person mad. But I can't rule out that you are crazy either. In either case,  you have some serious problems. Seriously, though, you don't have it. If you were, I would tell you. You will be fine. You may need some Xanax and Adderall. You seem a little paranoid with incongruent thoughts. Nonetheless, remember, just because you are paranoid does not mean nobody isn't watching you. Oh, also, don't tell anyone else about hearing voices. Keep that to yourself. Trust me. Also, you can wear headphones all the time. That is what psychos tend to do. Just look around. Good luck. Don't worry about it.

  • 2 months ago

    i think you could have it and i know cause my sister has it

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