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Do leftists believe the troupe "experts say" so that they don't have to think for themselves? ?


Goatnuts, you know you love me. 

Update 2:


I am glad I have Randomcanyon here to correct spelling, while ending his sentence in a preposition. 

Update 3:

TB12, nice catch-phrase, but you know you can't debate me. 

Update 4:

Anonymous, ah, you want to start using data. Wouldn't that be glorious in a debate. Can't wait to see leftists try that. 

Update 5:

Anonymous saying what one should or should not do. 

The inherent issue is that experts disagree constantly. Despite the "demon seed" doctor, there were many saying the same thing and coming to the same conclusions that have far more impeccable records. 

If you want to debate an opinion with no knowledge of the subject or research on your own, it becomes a matter of which expert you believe and you are still ignorant on the subject. 

Update 6:

Yavan, if you knew the details and how to spot a bamboozle, you would inherently be able to voice your own opinion using logic and facts without referencing the "experts". Inherently, this is why I don't believe you can spot when you are being bamboozled.  

Update 7:

It is not the referencing the experts that lead me to believe that you don't know anything.  It is the constant reference to experts agreeing. We experts don't agree on much of anything, beyond the earth being round and you say that, another expert will say spherical, then another ill talk about the earth having an oblong shape due to the spin. 

Update 8:

I see all, I provide sources all of the time. You hardly ever do. And when you do, it is to some opinion article. 

Update 9:

RandomCanyon, given this is not an email, a text message and I am certainly not your friend, this becomes pretty simple.  You want to act like a prick with your "corrections", then you better be writing your sentences perfectly. You want to not be a prick, I won't be correcting your English, either.

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    One annoying problem with certain Leftists is that they like to pick and choose which experts they want to listen to. Another issue is that they cannot interpret what the experts are actually saying.

    If one doctor says hydroxychloroquine and zinc, if administered early enough, can cure COVID-19 and another one says that if you administer hydroxychloroquine without zinc, administer it too late and in such large quantities to be dangerous then it will kill, they choose to believe the latter.

    In fact, both experts were right. That is, it can be part of a cure and it can also kill. How does the simple Leftist mind cope with such ramifications? Not well, it seems.

  • Jas B
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    2 months ago

    No they believe the experts because people who spend their lives working in a particular field know what they are talking about.

    It wasn't Fauci who said the virus would disappear, that a totally discredited drug should be used, that doctors should look for a way to inject disinfectant etc. etc.

    It isn't experts who on reports of an almost 33% drop in GDP and 30 million unemployed that the economy is going to bounce back.

    These are all comments by the idiot in the White House who thinks he knows more than everyone but everything.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes, Democrats don't think. Democrats are hive-minded, like an insect colony.

  • 2 months ago

    It is my experience that the correct answer is: YES. Because most are so busy chasing their tails that they neglect to do the research necessary in todays liberal media environment to find the truth and decide to stand for The Truth......OR they are just too lazy.                 Have a nice day.        TRUMP 2020 

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  • TB12
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    2 months ago

    As opposed to the right that lets Trump and Rush and Hannity do their thinking for them,,, yeah, those are knowledgeable people you can believe.

    UPDATE,, There's nothing to debate, your premise is bullshit and you know it.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Nope, for example Richard Dawkins certainly knows about evolution, and he can confidently tell us that it is true, but that doesn't make it true. What makes it true is the preponderance of evidence for the theory.

    I hope that helps.

  • Yavan
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    2 months ago

    No, we believe in the experts because we bother learning about stuff, unlike conservatives, who avoid facts in order to remain conservative.

    Having subjects we learn about, we have an understanding for the difference between genuine experts and bamboozlers. Genuine experts worked out the details. They worked hard to become genuine experts. Bamboozlers don't.

    And while it is impossible for a single person to be an expert in all disciplines, it is a good idea for citizens to at least be scientifically literate, so they can tell the difference. And the majority of people who are scientifically literate reject conservatism.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I only listen to two experts. Donnie and you. That's why I included you buddy!

  • 2 months ago

    "Trope" is the word you are looking for.  Wrong as usual. 

    Aside Edit: "It's not an error to end a sentence with a preposition, but it is a little less formal. In emails, text messages, and notes to friends, it's perfectly fine."

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    A person should not "think" or make up what one does not know. Listen to the experts, but listen to more than one, and listen to their reasoning and the facts they cite. Experts often disagree. Therefore we need to evaluate their suggestions carefully. It is a lot better to listen to an expert than to listen to the idiot and liar in the Oval Office.

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