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Is this allowed in the USA?

If I (Non US citizen) was to fly to any US airport for a holiday/road trip/ state hopping, would I be allowed to hop from state to state as long as I remain in the US?  What would I have to say on entering the country for me to state hop? 

If I flew internally, would I have to continuously keep telling officials of my plans?

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  • MS
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    2 months ago

    There are no restrictions on traveling between states in the US (during normal times that is - there are some quarantine requirements between some states right now due to COVID, but travel is still not restricted).  Immigration just usually asks the purpose of your visit and you can just state tourism/vacation - no need to state your specific plans unless asked, but they won't think anything of them if you do end up mentioning them.  You can freely drive from state to state.  You can also fly from state to state - those are domestic flights and you will pass through security, but not through immigration.  They won't care why you are going wherever you are going. 

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    You would normally not encounter any "officials" at state borders.  If you are not flying out of the country, probably nobody would care about your plans.

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    There are no passport controls when traveling within the USA or to/from the continental USA and the distant states & territories (such as Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) via non-stop flight.  

    The Border Patrol sometimes sets up check points on the roads near the border with Mexico but they are only looking for people who entered the USA completely illegally.

    The Customs form you will complete for entry asks your address in the USA but if you expect to travel around then just put where you plan to stay for your first night in the USA. 

  • 2 months ago

    Under normal circumstances. you can travel freely within the states and you don't have to notify anyone on taking domestic flights. When you enter the US, you need to fill out a customs form that includes information on where you're staying. Plus when you go through passport control you'll be questioned avout the purpose of your visit and your plans.

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    Your US tourist visa (or just tourist privileges if you're from a visa waiver nation) extend to all 50 states of the union plus the District of Columbia. So you could fly into NYC then decide to go to Alaska or Hawaii if you wanted. 

  • drip
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    2 months ago

    Yes you can visit other states than the one you flew into. No you do not have to keep tabs with anyone while traveling around the USA,

    My friends had relatives from the U.K. come in for a wedding in IL. They then went to Florida for a vacation and then to NC to visit other relative then back to IL to fly out of O’Hare airport. 

    You are here on a travel visa, you tell them you are here on vacation. 

    If you fly domestic with in the USA, you are using your passport for ID purposes. You do not go through customs again.  

    Just a note. The few people I know that have visited the US are shocked at how big it is and how long it takes to travel somewhere. Driving around the US takes a lot of time. 

  • 2 months ago

    There are no travel restrictions within the US (outside of Covid19 stuff).  You will not need to have an additional visa or go through customs to fly from state to state.  Domestic flights are typically in a different terminal than international flights as well.  

    If you're driving or taking other ground transportation, there are no immigration or border check points between states.  (The closest is the agricultural check points sometimes entering California, but all they ask is where you've been and if you're bringing any fruit in with you.)

  • 2 months ago

    Usually they just want to know how long you will be staying and if it is business or pleasure.  You could just tell them you are there to visit (and for how many weeks), to travel around, sight see, visit national parks, and visit friends and relatives.  No one would bother you after you got through customs.  You would have to show your passport and other ID to rent a car, for instance, but if you go by bus, you can just buy a ticket at the window and go.  It's best to tell people as little as possible about your plans, and even less about our political affiliations and political opinions.  Like "What do you think about Trump?"  A lot of Americans these days are looking for someone to bully and fight, so be polite and friendly, and non-committal.  For the Trump question, you might say, "Trump?  He's our president, isn't he?  I've never met him.  I'd like the chance someday." And if they ask you about some touchy political question, you can always claim ignorance.  "I don't know.  I don't have enough information to form an opinion."  You can also throw the question back at them.  "What do YOU think about Trump?" but if you do, be prepared to hear a long harrangue about their complaints and praises.  You will have to excuse yourself in the middle of the lecture by looking at your watch and saying, "Sorry, but I have to go."

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