If the molarity is not 0.500 M NaOH,? ?

If the molarity is not 0.500 M NaOH,? 

1. If the molarity is not 0.500 M NaOH, calculate the amount of water required to add to the original stock solution to create a 0.500M NaOH solution.   


2.Dilution calculation for obtaining the required molarity of 0.500M solution.  (Show calculations) 


3.Volume of water to needed to dilute initial solution to required molarity of stock solution (Show calculations) 


4. Show instructor calculation for dilution before moving on to step 8.  

5. Complete the dilution. 

2 Answers

  • Dr W
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    from a mole balance

    .. M1V1 = M2V2

    assuming volumes are additive

    .. V2 = V1 + Vadd


    .. M1V1 = M2(V1 + Vadd)

    .. V1 + Vadd = V1 * (M1/M2)

    .. Vadd = V1 * (M1/M2) - V1

    .. Vadd = V1 * (M1/M2 - 1)

    so... IF M1 > M2 (i.e.. the stock solution > 0.500M), then

    .. Vadd = V1 * ((M1 / 0.500M) - 1)

    but.. if M1 < M2, since you can't remove water, you'll need to find a new stock solution

  • david
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    If the molarity is not 0.500 M NaOH ????   well, what is the molarity????  without knowing, it is impossible to answer yiur question.

        Original molarity  X  original volume  =  moles OH-

        0.500 / moles OH-   =  total volume

       total volume - original volume = volume of water that must be added to create 0.500 M NaOH

    That is all I can help you with unless you give me more information.

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