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my friend freaked out, why?

my friend's apartment has a really dark presence/vibe to it. i told him i felt there was a spirit in it. he freaked out and accused me of  being an evil person for telling him this. i wasn't trying to freak him out. then he sat there looking around like he was about to be kidnapped. i offered to cleanse it for him spiritually but he was too upset. no, i'm not a troll, i really felt there was something bad in the place. 


well DUBBS i don't think i am an evil person but i think YOU are evil for making such a comment. what an asshole you are. some people do have spiritual sensitivity. you're evil, and you projected your evil onto me. reported. 

Update 2:

By cleansing I actually meant prayer. You make a lot of assumptions but you are evil, so it is to be expected. You did, however, make me realise that my friend's addictions are very likely drawing  spirits of the evil variety to his place. so thanks. how does it feel to be called evil, btw? also, wiccans aren't necessarily bad people, but you are evil, ofc. 

Update 3:

know it all dubbs, have an evil kind of day, okay, in the world where you know nothin' much but the evil in your own mind. 

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    Your friend is skitso and mentally ill

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    Is he a devout catholic? A lot of Christians are conditioned, in a sense, that all spirits are evil because God wouldn't make a mistake by leaving souls behind, so therefore any spiritual presence is, by default,  demonic.

    You, as a person who can sence such things, must be evil too because God doesn't grant people that type of power.

    Offering to cleanse it would suggest that you too have mystical powers, which in turn, makes you a witch!

    Just the same, suggesting you know how to cleanse an apartment without a priest being present might make him think you've practiced occult arts.

    Or there's also the probability that you installed paranoia in him and he was just calling you evil for freaking him out.

    And there's also the chance that he doesn't believe in spirits and he felt the dark presence you were speaking of was, in fact, him. So he defensively retorted...

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