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Did you have an american  parliament before Civil war ?

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    Did you confuse the United States and Canada? Perhaps you didn't, since Canada has not had an officially named Civil War yet, but so many people think Canadians are Americans.

    Canada's parliament is on the British model: elected House of Commons, Senate appointed by the Prime Minister (who is the head of the political party in power), Governor-General (the monarch's representative, selected by the Prime Minister, who signs the bills in HM's name.), the Sovereign, who is the Head of State (currently HM Queen Elizabeth II) The PMs official Executive Council (aka the Ministries of the Crown) is called the Cabinet.

    Canada has had that sort of Parliamentary system since she became a nation in 1867  (actually a domestically self-governing Dominion of the British empire then, like Australia was, but we count our nationhood as beginning in 1867).


    Before then, each colony had an elected lower house (the Legislative Assembly), an upper house (the Legislative Council) appointed by the Governor (the Lieut. Governor in the case of Upper Canada [now southern Ontario]) and his Executive Council, which was a proto-Cabinet of the Governor's chosen advisors.

    The United States is governed by a different model. President (elected head of state and head of government), the official advisors he appointed (His Administration 'secretaries" of this and that), the elected Senate (upper house of legislators), the elected  House of Representatives (lower house of legislators)

    The Americans will correct me and supply more details about their form of government. I've noticed that though the President is officially the head of his political party or its standard bearer and lightning rod, (Is the Chairman the official head of the party?) he is not a member of either legislative body, while Canada's Prime Minister is the head of the party with a majority of seats in the House of Commons. Canadians vote for their local members, and if most of the elected members are from the Liberal Party, Mr. Trudeau becomes Prime Minister and forms his government.  The Americans vote for Mr Trump (a Republican), but the Democrats may get the most seats in either or both Houses of Congress.

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    No. America has a House of Representatives and a Senate which are roughly similar to Parliament but not exaxtly the same. Those bodies existed both before and after the Civil War.

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    I most certainly did. Thanks for asking. It was a really good one too. Very good quality; none of your cheap knock-offs here. Cheers.

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    Yes, Americans call it 'congress' and Americans had one before they broke from Britain and before the Revolutionary War. The American Congress (parliament) was operating (1775) so 110 years before the US Civil War and has operated ever since, including through and after the Civil War and still through today.

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  • xyzzy
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    The US has never had a parliament nor a parliamentary system of government. From its establishment in 1787 it has always been a  presidential system. The closest thing to a parliament were the Continental Congresses during the Confederation Period.

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    Before the American Civil War the USA had the same bicameral legislature it does now that is comprised of the House and Senate.  All officials thereof were elected just as they are now. There was no hereditary or appointed peerage as there is in the English Parliament  House of Lords. 

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