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Are virtual funerals now a thing forever even after Coronavirus ?

I know someone whose father died. He and his Mom packed the car the next day and drove up to where her other two kids lived and they all got together at the son's house and sat by the big screen and watched Dad-Grandpa's funeral. The grandkids (little kids) called it a "Movie About Grandpa". Meanwhile we all watched it at our computers at home. Not a soul was at the church other then the priest and funeral home staff. I found this beyond disturbing. 


I am scared I will be pressured when out of town family dies, even 10 years from now, to just go to YouTube and watch it there and save the travel expense. 


I understand watching it virtual when it is like an old college professor or a national figure like John Lewis. I also really like that idea of always having a virtual way to view the funeral also for people I may not want to attend but want to see a piece of in cases where I know the deceased a little but not their family (such as an old colleague who died). 


But will it be regular now long after the Coronavirus to say we are having a funeral and for those who cannot attend it will also be virtual at the funeral home site or YouTube? 

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    Im certain even after coronavirus, this will be a feature of funerals, if not necessarily the entire funeral service. More and more people have friends and family in different countries. A live stream of the funeral gives access for people who cant take time off work, fly halfway across the world amd arrange accommodation, but still desperately want to be there

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    They have been to a degree for a few years now.

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