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What is a Karen?

I must have dozed off reading S K somehow and here I am!!!

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    Soren Karengaard?

    "The Karen" are a group of Yellow People:

    "A Karen" is a word appropriated by some Black Women to disparage what some Black Women regard as pushy White Women:  a kind of N word for WW.  Similar to "A Jew" in National Socialist Germany, where Jews were regarded as having undue "Jewish privilege," or "A Tutsi" in 1990s Rwanda, where...well, you get the general's prejudicial name-calling of a group based on racial, ethnic, and/or behavioral lines.  Ironically, the name-callers often share some or most of the despised behavior.

    It's also worth noting that Yellow People are not truly yellow, Black People are not truly black, and White People are not truly white.  But such facts obviously do not stop racism....

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    "What is a Karen?"

    Any older White woman that gets into conflict with any non-White person, regardless the circumstances, is now being denigrated as a "Karen".  This has occurred because it's White women's turn to be denigrated now according to the Left's critical theory and identity politics. There can be no "Shaniquas", the Black equivalent to a Karen, because of course, -that's racist-. But Karen is White, and the Left ... including feminism... all agree with each other that White people cannot be victims of racism. <lol>

    So there you go Karen. Your years of being a useful idiot for feminism by denigrating your own White men, are now over. Time to discard you so that the movement can go forward with the ever changing ideology that it's run by. Women's advocacy? No! That's old school feminism. Cultural Marxism? Yes! Glad you noticed.


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    a way to project certain characteristics onto another race that you collectively may contain. it's stupid. most people are related ethnically to many different races.  

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    The Karen are an ethnic group in northern Thailand.

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    Get out of here you foolish infidel . 

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    Someone who bi*ches about everything in life cause they believe everyone deserves that participation trophy. They seem to be liberal a lot too. Fu*k em. 

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