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How do I remove this piece?

I know nothing about handywork or building or taking apart anything. I’m taking apart an old bed and don’t know what to use to remove these. They are hexagons with NF imprinted on them. I don’t know what they are or how to remove them. Thanks!

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  • 9 months ago
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    Those are the heads of National Fine(NF) threaded bolts.

    You will need to borrow a ratchet wrench with a socket that exactly fits over the bolt heads & turn them counter clockwise to unscrew them.

    You will probably need to turn them in a counter clockwise direction 8 to 12 complete turns before you can pull them straight out.

    With no frame of reference its hard to tell what size socket will fit them but most are either 7/16 th inch,1/2 inch , 9/16 th inch or 5/8th inch.

    The rachet wrench you borrow will come with a variety of different size sockets so just try different sizes until you find one that fits.

    Since the bolts are stamped NF they will be standard U.S. fractional inch size & not Metric (millimeter or MM) size.

    Be aware part of the bed frame may drop down hard when you pull the bolts completely out.

    Good luck.

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