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Can lizards and cats co-exist?

I wanna get a big lizard maybe a gecko to keep spiders and mosquitos away. But will my cats try to eat it? I know they'd be uncomfortable at first but can they eventually get along?


I should add my cats are not hunters and super harmless. I had a small rat once and all they wanted to do was smell it and play with its tail. One of the cats don't even know how to jump onto the kitchen counter.

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    Cats are fascinated by small things that move because they are potential prey but they are scared by large moving things since they are potential predators. Stray cats for example do not allow people to go near them and many cats would not allow strangers to go near them either. Your cat may not eat a gecko, but there is a good chance it will treat it as a toy and throw it around. However geckos that are released may be difficult to find. Since geckos can be noisy and active at night, you may hear them while you are trying to sleep, even if they can survive by avoiding being caught. I would advise against it. A lizard such as a green iguana, which can use its tail as a whip to defend itself and which is pretty big when fully grown, may be able to get along with a cat. But they can also be dangerous as they have sharp teeth.  Cats do best with animals that are calm and slow moving, not nervous animals that would dart around quickly because it triggers that hunting instinct. 

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    Thanks for your response. I will definitely look into an iguana but maybe get one as a child and caged til they all get along and slowly let it roam once grown

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