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why do people hate Bill Gates so much? when became this way? why many think he is trying to kill people on purpose?

i thought he was into software and computers

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    there are MANY reasons to hate Bill Gates, but most of them are made up. conspiracy theorists seldom give proof of what they claim.

    but Bill has stolen, lied, and manipulated the system to get where he is today, leaving many people, and businesses, in ruins.

    and Microsoft as a company has done so.e shady stuff, such as taking a technology and adding stuff to it and making it proprietary. then making it free, and once it becomes popular and everyone is using it, charging for it, and not letting anyone use the code, so others cannot make a free version.

    they also would lock down Windows' code so other companies' software would not work with it. Java is the perfect example of this.

    if you want to know more, simply look up the Microsoft Antitrust case the US Government filed against them, or even this:,_extend,_a...

    i also strongly recommend watching the made for TV film Pirates of Silicon Valley, which was a great unbiased look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, neither of which were portrayed as good people.

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    Because he is very opinionated and  he doesn't have a qlue how much people have to sweat just  to make a lousy dollar . It became this way when he started to go on TV  shows . I don't believe that 

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    No unproven conspiracies against Gates...All proven truthful facts. He is one of the most evil man on Earth today. But do some research yourself, all you 'peabrains' who claim that he`s victim of unproven conspiracies.

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    No good deed goes unpunished. 

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    While Bill gates has many attributes that make me dislike him he has become the target of conspiracy theorists who make him the target of their loony theories.

    Some of the ways he built Microsoft and made money were questionable (but no more than any other company to be fair) Now he is out of that and has gone to giving money to good causes he gets batshit crazy conspiracy theorists claiming his giving money to medical causes is a part of mind control and stuff.  To these people he is an easy target based on his pat actions.

    Personally I feel he was a shrewd businessman who in the past did what was necessary for making money the same as any other businessman, now he is doing good but tainted by his past.

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    He stole software as his entire career. He is a crook.

  • cause people are crazy conspiracy theorists thinking Bill Gates is injecting them with nano chips to control their mutated pea brains 

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