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If I have to move to the drug area to find affordable housing, can I put my kids in a school close to my work instead?

The affordable apartments are in a crappy drug area.   My job is over an hr away..  Id have to leave very early for work..  It would be best and easiest to make my kids get up with me and drop them off at the school near my work then pick them up after work.

If they went to the drug area school, theyd be home alone for at least an hr or so in the morning and alone again after school until I get home.   Its such a criminal area that Im not comfortable with that.

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Again..  Landlords wont rent a one bedroom to a family because of LOCAL occupancy laws.   Quote whatever quotes you want.   There are still LOCAL occupancy laws.   The absolute smallest i could get would be a two bedroom, but that leaves me with no place to sleep.

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And, you are all wrong.  I found out schools have something called open enrollment

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And yes, each of us having a separate room is important.   If there were affordable places in my town, I wouldn't be forced to live in a high crime area....   Which is also so far from work that I ultimately will also end up loosing my job once the car breaks down

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You did not "prove" anything.   You had links to areas like Cincinatti..  Which isnt anywhere close to me!

MY area has occupancy limits.

Dining area isnt a sleeping area when the dining area is IN THE KITCHEN...   There also has to be a WINDOW in the room to be considered a sleeping area.   Even a living room isnt automatically going to be acceptable as a sleeping area if it DOES NOT MEET CODES as such. 

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Cramming people into a small apartment is not an acceptable standard of living.

Ive also already been told by CPS that the kids can NOT share a room

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Federal occupancy limits is 2 per bedroom

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The case is against the ex, its an abusive, toxic situation.   The case wont be closed until I my own place and their requirements is for the kids to have their own room.

I actually cant sleep on a couch due to disc disease

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Im not disclosing my more local location...   2 per bedroom occupancy is considered REASONABLE..  And most landlords in my area have set such limits.

Most apartments in my area the bedroom size is also 8x10...  So legally, TOO SMALL to cram 3 people into a bedroom

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Many apartments I looked at the living room wouldnt fit the code for a sleeping area..

NONE of them would meet codes to allow the dining AREA to be considered a sleeping area.

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Most apartments in my area are mapped out so that the dining area is PART OF THE KITCHEN..   What builders do in YOUR area, doesnt reflect what they do in mine.

Its more logical for a dining area to be in the kitchen anyways than the living room.

There are several I saw that the living room wouldnt meet the standards of windows and ventilation to meet the codes to be a bedroom either.

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No sense to keep harassing me about a one bedroom when I already have established MULTUPLE reasons why a one bedroom isnt a viable option.

A 2 bedroom is the BARE minimal, but that leaves me with no place to sleep

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I dont know why you get off on telling people to cram into single bedroom places.  I already found an affordable 3 bedroom..  Its just in such a bad area that even drug dealers wont live there...   And since its so far from work, Ill have to quit one of my two job because it isnt worth the commute for that particular job

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When my car ultimately breaks down from the excess wear and tear, Ill be forced to quit my main job.

Had I been able to get a place in the same town as work, Id have the option of public transport while I save to repair or replace the car.   There is no public transport from drugville to my job..  Id have no viable way of commuting to work.

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Moving to drugville would ultimately force me to seek more welfare assistance... Just because people like you have an issue with someone whos trying to get $200-300 a month worth of assistance with housing for a year or two.

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    You seem to already have the answer to your question and are only looking to argue with people on the internet.

    Yes, you can enroll your children in a school closer to your work. 

    Are you happy now?

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    Your school place is allocated for where you live, not where you work. 

  • Anonymous
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    many 1 bedroom apartments have 1 large combo living/dining area...the dining area is NOT in the kitchen..these rooms are large enough to section off the end to fit a twin bed/dresser.

    THE ONLY WAY CPS WOULD TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO HAVE SEPARATE BEDROOMS IS IF YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF ABUSING YOUR KIDS AND CPS HAS AN OPEN CASE ON YOU.......that has nothing to do with what is acceptable for non abusers...yes CPS may have additional requirements when there are child abuse issues....but under normal circumstances...boys/girls can share a room/3 can be in a 1 bedroom...and the parent grows up and stops whining that they can't sleep on the couch.

    HOW the (&& am I supposed to give you the occupancy limits for your city when I don't know it????

    I gave you 2 examples, 1 covered a lot of areas, i don't remember the other.


    it does not say LIMIT, it says ALLOW (a minimum of) 2 per bedroom...and in fact says law may require LL to allow more..

    "Federal occupancy standards require landlords to allow two persons per bedroom—unless you can point to legitimate business reasons that justify a lower number (this is difficult to do). And state or local occupancy standards may allow even more people in the rental than the federal law does".

    the code to allow sleeping in the living room is that there is a window or 2nd door for emergency exit......

    AGAIN< WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS ONLY TRUE IN TROLLVILLE. I PROVED 2 PER BEDROOM WAS NOT LOCAL OCCUPANCY LAW...many be in limited areas, but most are not...i gave you links proving it....limit is by over all size of legal sleeping areas including living room/dining quoting actual law doesn't prove it...

    YOU PROVE IT...YOU GIVE A QUOTE To LAW THAT SAYS 2 PER BEDROOM ..if a few different areas...give reliable legal sources

    i gave reliable legal sources to prove you wrong

     true some landlords won't rent a 1 bedroom to a family of 3,but many will.

    true, many apartments don't have dining rooms, but some do...

    you again?  so you would rather live in a bad neighborhood and continue to have a temper tantrum refusing to listen to reason that you can in fact all live in a 1 bedroom apartment

    laws vary, typically no, unless you pay some areas $14,0000 per year per kid.

    you really think it is more important for your kids to have separate bedrooms and you a 3rd...than to have a safe home by a good school?

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    1 week ago

    No. Kids go to school based on residence.

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    if you do, you may need to drive them to and from school each day.

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